MiterSet – Setting My Miter Gauge Angles Has Never Been Easier Or More Accurate

I have never been a fan of table saw sleds. I prefer using a miter gauge for cross cutting on the table saw. I have two new tools in my shop I want to tell you about. They are miter gauge jigs that allow you to quickly and easily set your miter gauge to the desired angle. I could[…]

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vsc tools fence with repositioner

Prototype for Table Saw Fence Micro-Adjuster and Repositioner

A Micro-Adjusting / Repositioner that will work with any Biesemeyer style table saw fence. Enough with the bumping already! Since I’ve been a woodworker, positioning the table saw fence by bumping it to location was always trial and error. Like most woodworkers I enjoy precision and efficiency in my tools whenever possible. I’ve been thinking[…]

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Table Saw Guide Rails – Step by Step Instruction

STEP 1: MEASURE The first step in making your own table saw guide rail is to measure the table and extension table. Angle iron is almost always shorter than tubing in guide rail design builds. The angle iron is generally cut to the exact length of the cast iron saw plus the extension table. The[…]

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Table Saw Guide Rail Spacing (Parallel Gap)

Q: What is the correct guide rail spacing for my Biesemeyer style fence? “I’m making my own guide rails, how do I make sure I get the gap just right between my tubing and my angle iron?” A: You need a minimum of 3/4″ parallel spacing, perfectly even, the entire length of your tubing. “The[…]

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Table Saw Guide Rail Installation (Step-Down Spacing)

Q: How do I ensure perfect positioning during my guide rail installation? “I made my own guide rails. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I have a question about my guide rail installation. How do I figure out exactly where to mark my drill holes? What is the best way to ensure that my guide[…]

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