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The Ultimate Sharpening Jig

5.00 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
(9 customer reviews)


“This sharpening jig will sharpen your chisels and plane irons like you've never imagined. I can honestly say I never dreamed I would be able to get my tools this sharp. I am confident that The Ultimate Sharpening Jig will make all other sharpening systems for chisels and plane irons obsolete.”~ Allan Little (AskWoodMan)

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Product Description

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The continuous angle adjustment mechanism is what make this jig unique. It allows for most precise micro adjustments or to quickly make macro adjustments in order to jump between stones and/or sandpaper to re-establish the bevel angle.

This sharpening jig is completely manual, weighs less than 3 pounds, and the all steel construction should last a lifetime! In addition, it’s a large and comfortable tool that men with large hands will especially appreciate for ease of use.


This jig requires no special skills or woodworking experience.


• Lightweight (less than 3 pounds)
• Made in U.S.A.
• Mostly steel construction with plastic only for knobs and rollers.
• CNC steel mortise and tenoned parts welded together
• UHMW plastic guide rollers
• Finish is an anti-rust black zinc metallic coating


•Comfortable design for relaxed hand placement
• Fits a wide variety of tool sizes, shapes, lengths and thicknesses with ease, up to and including 3 inches wide. From long timber framing chisels to spoke shave blades and more.
• Lock and unlocks quickly. Lock the tool in place and you’re ready to go.
• Jig Stability: It is impossible for the blade to tilt and get out of alignment once it is set due to design stance of the jig.
• Once the blade is locked in the jig, no further manipulation of the tools is required. All necessary adjustments are done using the continuous angle adjustment knob.
• Smooth/stable linear action on sharpening stroke, as well as pivoting side to side when desired.
• Continuous Angle Adjustment for rapid and precise micro and macro angle adjustments.
• One full turn of the knob equals 1.5 degrees of angle change.
• Get maximum stroke and even wear from your abrasive material. No more dishes in water stones. Your stones will last longer.


1) Place the tool to be sharpened underneath the u-channel locking mechanism and allow tool to protrude past the leading edge of the platen so there is no interference of the platen when the tool comes in contact with the abrasive media (sandpaper, diamond stones, etc…)
Lightly tension the tool against the welded steel platen using the threaded locking knob.

3) Adjust for tool squareness and then tighten the threaded locking knob to lock securely in place.
4) Place the tool on the abrasive media (sandpaper or diamond stones) and use the threaded adjustment knob  to set the bevel angle of the tool.
5) Lock the tool into position once the bevel is set by tightening the locking jam knob.
6) Begin sharpening to the desired bevel angle by guiding the tool back and forth against the abrasive media (sandpaper or diamond stones) until sharp.
7) The guide wheels will ensure even roller movement with no resistance at a constant fixed angle.
8) Micro bevel angle adjustments are easily accomplished by loosening the locking jam knob and raising or lowering the welded steel platen via turning the threaded adjustment knob without ever disturbing the locked position of the tool in the platen.
9) Now go enjoy woodworking & have fun!


9 reviews for The Ultimate Sharpening Jig

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am not writing a review for the Jig itself but to thank you all for helping me with my shipping issue.
    The shipping company had an incorrect mailing address for me so couldn’t send the Jig to me.
    (Even although VSC have the correct address in the invoice).
    Thanks to Allan Little, Jeff Fischer and Sue Rostvold I received it this morning.
    That’s what I call service.
    The Jig was very well packed and sent by first class post!
    You have made my day!


  2. 5 out of 5


    Dear Jeff,

    Last week my newly purchased chisel set arrived. It was labeled “caution very sharp” all over. Well, they were NOT very sharp! UNTIL I put them thru a sharpening process with my Ultimate Sharpening Jig. I just can’t tell you how much I like the tool. It works wonders. So far I have sharpened 15 chisels and 2 planer knives. And they are razor sharp…

    Thanks for letting me own such a nice product.
    My best from Istanbul, Turkey,


  3. 5 out of 5


    I love keeping my planes and chisels sharp and particularly restoring old tools that I’ve picked up cheap around the traps.
    When I saw your video on You tube I thought I would give the sharpening jig a go.
    It’s a beauty. It’s so easy to get a micro bevel and keep the tools ridiculously sharp. I don’t hesitate now to use my regular chisels for jobs I would have avoided in the past for fear of damaging them. Its just so much damn fun sharpening them again. I volunteer all the time to put a decent edge on some of the chisels or planes owned by other guys at our mens shed and they are amazed at how sharp they are when they get them back. I suppose I should tell them about the jig but its more fun being the sharp tool “guru” and just handing them back with a smile.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Took delivery on my jig yesterday, spent a couple of hours copying Allan’s
    jig for holding the diamond plates, (hope you dont mind Allan) and put this thing to the test. I just want to say this is now my favorite tool in my woodshop! A really sharp chisel is such a joy to use, though probably one of the more dangerous ones in the shop… damhikt.

    Thanks Allan for a great product.

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’ll keep this short and sweet:

    I’ve used all sorts of jigs and sharpening techniques through the years. The VSC Tools Sharpening Jig combined with the DMT stones that Allan demonstrates in his videos gets my plane irons and chisels sharper than they’ve ever been and does so in record time. It’s no exaggeration to say that one could shave with the edge produced by the jig, and that it can be produced so quickly is astonishing. It also bears mentioning that my hands rest very comfortably using the jig, so there was zero fatigue even after initially blowing through over a dozen sharpening procedures as soon as the jig arrived.

    Unfortunately for the Very Super Cool Tools folks, the jig is so stout and well built that I can’t ever imagine having to replace it. No ‘planned obsolescence’ with this tool – it’s made to last a lifetime.

  6. 5 out of 5


    What can i say? This thing is the Duck’s Nuts (Australian slang for “pretty damn good”

    I have only had it in my hands for 10min and i’ve already put the best edge i’ve ever managed on my fave 8mm Marples chisel. I’m a novice at sharpeneing and, to be honest, in the past a little nervous to try (in case i wreck the factory edge)

    Using the best quality honing device in the past….i have “rounded over” the square end of the chisel. The reason……

    1…..the guide wheel is often smaller than the tool to be sharpened, providing a very thin base of support = instabilty

    2… the strokes on the stone are small as the honing device is on the stone

    3…..the tool is held by the same mechanism for fine adjustment…DOH!

    The result is hit and miss at best……small wobbly strokes = spoonlike facet. I spent about 35mins on the same 8mm chisel with my old honing device before the tool slipped in the mount……nearly severed my finger, losing the setting = have to start from scratch (the chisel has been so rounded over that i thought needs to be grinded back professionally).

    In steps the ultimate sharpening jig……arrived today, well packed.

    Had the chisel in it within 30mins (had to make kids packed lunches first). On to my SiC cheapo stone course side….bish, bash, bosh….i’ve totally squared it in under 10 mins……How so?

    You can watch the vids so i wont repeat the obvious, but in use, because the platform is so stable you are able to apply full purchase to the system. Yes, that’s right, i absolutely beasted the chisel and stone (how else was i gonna get it done before school drop off)…I can see that the SiC probably wont last the pace long term but it’s a consumable, right? I’m now off to look at diamond stones.

    This is a great product supported by good people (i’ve chatted to Allan over skype)…… honest, and down to earth as the edge on my “new” 8mm

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The VSCT Sharpening Jig is truly fantastic. It performs exactly how Allan describes it in his videos. But that is a major benefit of the jig…Allan’s videos. There are simply no other jigs with this much Video demonstration. When I had a question about the product, Allan, Sue and Jeff responded to me.

    I am restoring a number of antique planes and chisels and the level of sharpness I am achieving has probably never been achieved on these blades.

    Great product, terrific customer service.

  8. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I had no idea how thick the base plate was until it arrived. It is extremely easy to use and set up.

    I used the jig on sandpaper to sharpen 3 chisels and a scraper. I am a first time chisel sharpener. They all turned out extremely well.

    Setting the angle or a micro-bevel couldn’t be easier. The size and weight of the jig means your hands don’t get very tired and the heft does most of the work.

    I am very happy with the purchase and would definetely recommend it to anyone.

  9. 5 out of 5


    When I first saw this jig being demonstrated by AskWoodMan, I was a sold. The concept behind the jig is simple, its a jig that can be used on any sharpening medium that you can get a level surface relative to the abrasive. (AskWoodMan has shown this in his various videos).
    Upon receiving the jig, I was instantly amazed how big and heavy the jig felt… it is about 7-8 times the size and weight, at least 100 times easier to accurately adjust and most importantly 100 times less play in the parts than the common jigs I have used in that past.
    The main sell point for me is that this jig can easily and rigidly handle anything from a 1/8″ detail chisel to a 75mm (3″) Japanese plane blade on ANY surface with repeatability. So far I’ve used this jig with amazing results on DMT stones, Japanese water stones, and sandpaper glued to glass.
    So, my final $0.02: if you are serious about chisel and plane sharpness, this is a must-have piece of kit.

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