VerySuperCool Tools LLC is a small independent tool U.S. company  based in Austin, Texas and owned by Allan Little, (AskWoodMan on YouTube).


My goal is to help you make the tools you already own work better and more efficiently for you. Our products are based on simple ideas that allow builders to just get on with their work. When you can reduce or eliminate frustration from the building process, everything is more enjoyable and more productive.

” Upgrading the guide rails on your table saw fence to accept a more accurate t-square may be the most important improvement any craftsman can make in their shop.” ~ AskWoodMan

All of the products we make are proudly made in the U.S.A. – We also sell products from other U.S. companies, as well as companies based out of Canada and Germany. Our store is small, but we are always adding more items. It’s important to note that we only sell or link to items that I use myself and can confidently recommend. For example, VSM Vitex sandpaper, Bessey Rapid Action clamps, Jessem TS stock guides and router lifts, Garland Hammers and MiterSet miter gauge angle setting jigs.


I have many inventions and ideas that I’ve developed, used and tested over the last several decades that I have never revealed on YouTube. Having this company now allows me to more easily share these ideas with other craftsmen.

One of the products I’m most proud of is an idea that had been simmering in my brain for over 20 years.The Ultimate Sharpening Jig sharpens chisels and plane irons like no other. I guarantee whatever jig you have, this one will blow it out of the water. It’s amazing.

We also have several other revolutionary products to come including: a bearing guide for a cutting torch, a complete saw horse system, and a portable gantry crane just to name a few.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention, especially for me. I could never afford to buy all the gizmos and gadgets on the market, and the ones I really needed weren’t available. In a way, I’m glad they weren’t available because I would have never been inspired to create these new tools.

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Allan Little a.k.a. AskWoodMan