VerySuperCool Tools T-Square And Jessem TS Stock Guides


















Allan Little uses the JessEM TS Stock Guides with the VerySuperCool Tools fence system.  Also featured is the Leitz PRO Series Combo 50T blade. The JessEm Stock Guides are awesome and work perfectly with our machined aluminum extrusion; no more stooping over the table having to use two hands to keep stock flush to the fence and rip accurately.
(The video above only plays on desktops, not mobile devices. But you can always watch the exact same TS Stock Guide footage on YouTube.)

Time For A Table Saw Upgrade?

We understand the importance of a solid table saw. For many craftsmen, the table saw is the command central of their shop.

Our flagship product, the VerySuperCool Tools T-square, consists of a solid steel T-square that attaches to a machined aluminum extrusion to make a solid and versatile fence system.

We don't sell table saws, but we like sharing what we know about improving the performance and efficiency of your existing table saw. Most people already have a quality table saws, all they really need is an upgrade. Most often it’s the table saw fence and the guide rails that are the issue, that's where we can help.

If you aren't happy with your table saw guide rail, (some people have never been) we have free step by step plans and videos showing every aspect of making your own, include a downloadable pdf. It's all compiled on our DIY GUIDE RAIL page. It's easier that you think, Allan says it will take more time to prime and paint than to actually fabricate the guide rails. We have helped hundreds of people, with all styles of table saws, all around the world, upgrade their table saw by making solid, quality guide rails and then adding the VerySuperCool Tools T-square and machined aluminum extrusion. You can view submitted customer photos that we have posted, and we are always adding more.

We sell and recommend several other items for upgrading your table saw:

Jessem TS Stock Guides, Starrett adhesive SAE/Metric measuring tape, MiterSet precision miter gauge jigs, Leitz table saw blades (Leitz makes Festool blades), Machined aluminum extrusions (made with our proprietary die), and the Tall Auxiliary Fence (which attaches to the extrusion portion of the table saw fence.

All VerySuperCool Tools products are fabricated, finished and assembled right here in the United States.
We also sell, link to, and recommend other products from U.S., Canadian and German companies.