How To Make Your Own Biesemeyer Style Table Saw Fence System


How To Make A Biesemeyer Style Table Saw Fence.
If you have a Biesemeyer style fence and guide rails, you can make your own T-Square to attach an aluminum extrusion fence. I show all the details my nine part video series.

NOTE: This AskWoodMan video series was the foundation for the VerySuperCool Tools Table Saw Fence System.

Below is a photograph of the original T-Square and next to it is the Fabricated T-Square that is currently on the market.

Shop Made Original T-Square /VerySuperCool CNC Fabricated T-Square


How To Make Your Own Guide Rail
If you don’t have a Biesemeyer fence guide rail, I will show you how to make your own 2×3 guide rail and attach to your existing table saw. We will do this without any welding. The key is to purchase the exact sizes you need from you local steel supply store. The video series will show in detail how to drill and tap the required holes in order to make this work on your table saw.

Alternatives For Aluminum Extrusion Fences
If you don’t have a piece of aluminum extrusion to use as your table saw fence, I will show you alternatives. I believe aluminum extrusions make the best table saw fence, but our Universal T-Square Table Saw Fence System allows you to easily attach a variety of other materials as well. For example, a straight piece of hardwood, an angle iron, steel tubing, plywood and more.

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  1. I have a craftsman 10″ table saw with casted extensions , My question is will this T-square system hook up to my type of table.

    1. Yes. Just put a Biesemeyer style guide rail on it and you will be set. You can get the guide rails aftermarket or follow my free plans and videos about how to build your own. Allan

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