Ultimate Work Table

Watch the entire series by clicking on the playlist below. Watch full screen if preferred. NOTE: We have a detailed Video Reference Guide below the video to help you find the section you need.

We have 35 pages of detailed woodworking plans that go with this video series.




Play video 1 Introduction to the finished table
Play video 2 Starting the SAWHORSES. Full sized drawings and roughing out the saw horse leg stock
Play video 3 Cutting sawhorse legs to length with 10deg end cut using table saw/Japanese Saw
Play video 4 Cutting the leg taper using the table saw
Play video 5 Cutting the tapered shoulder on sawhorse top
Play video 6 Calculation layout for sawhorse socket router jig fabrication
Play video 7 Routing the legs to the pine sawhorse joists
Play video 8 Marking and drilling the recessed holes for the bolts and stretchers
Play video 9 Final sawhorse details and assembly
Play video 10 Starting the steel brackets for STEEL FRAMEWORK
Play video 11 Metal working cutting the connectors
Play video 12 Big DRAWER RUNNER router joinery into sawhorse legs
Play video 13 Layout and marking STEEL CONNECTORS to the brackets
Play video 14 Measuring and marking demonstration and results
Play video 15 Layout and marking for tapped holes for TOP DRAWER SPACERS
Play video 16 Drilling and tapping holes for upper drawer hangers
Play video 17 Stretcher and top flat bar layout drill positioning clamping setup
Play video 18 Drilling the brackets to the pine sawhorse joists
Play video 19 Marking the upper drawer runners off bolts in tapped holes
Play video 20 Marking drilling and connecting lower drawer runners
Play video 21 Multi-function Festool-style table top top hole layout
Play video 22 Drilling The Holes (Click here to see the better way to do this  – video update)
Play video 23 Using algebra to  figure out the hole layout
Play video 24 Laminate layout for table top and spreading contact adhesive
Play video 25 Placing laminate and trimming excess
Play video 26 Locate the holes for trim routing and seal bottom of plywood top
Play video 27 Showing the poplar drawer stock and rough milling
Play video 28 Cutting dovetails on the table saw
Play video 29 Cutting dovetails on the table saw
Play video 30 Marking dovetail waste and chopping to marked line
Play video 31 Marking the drawer pins directly from the tails
Play video 32 Cutting the pins and wasting the excess
Play video 33 Chopping the pins with chisels
Play video 34 Cutting the drawer bottom slots
Play video 35 Making the drawer front handle cutouts
Play video 36 Sanding and assembling the drawers
Play video 37 Drawer assembly
Play video 38 Trimming the pins and tails flush
Play video 39 Routing the runner slots in drawer sides
Play video 40 Fitting the big drawers and routing slots in two uppers
Play video 41 Making the angled runner for the narrow tool drawer
Play video 42 Angled drawer fabrication on table saw
Play video 43 Router work for the steel lumber racks
Play video 44 Final assembly of horses after finishing
Play video 45 Installing steel lumber supports, narrow tool drawer fab
Play video 46 Making the wood vises
Play video 47 Final assembly and wrap up


Play video 48 (Update video 1)
Play video 49 (Update video 2)
Play video 50 (Update video 3) Discussing hinge boring drill bits versus router bits
Play video 51 (Update video 4) Attaching the fence and making a practice cut
Play video 52 (Update video 5) Boring holes with the Festool 20mm bit