The AskWoodMan “Extra Jaw Capacity” Portable Moxon Vise

Saturday, May 24 update: We will start posting the Moxon video series tonight!  We have woodworking plans, hardware kits and finished custom made Moxon vises for sale in our store!

•Watch the free portable Moxon vise video series and learn how to make your own AskWoodMan portable Moxon vise and/or learn useful tips and techniques you can apply to other woodworking projects.
• Buy the woodworking plans and watch the free video series and make your own AskWoodMan portable Moxon vise.
• Buy the AskWoodMan Moxon vise hardware kit with plans to speed your project along, all you’ll need to provide is the wood.
• Buy a totally finished AskWoodMan Portable Moxon Vise custom made by Allan Little, a.k.a. AskWoodman on YouTube

How is the AskWoodMan Portable Moxon Vise design different from all others?

Ample Clamp Down Surfaces, Excellent Stability plus Extra Jaw Capacity!

JAW CAPACITY: Movable jaw adjusts from 0 to 10+ inches.
BUILT TO LAST: Acme threaded rod rides in precision bronze bushings. No screw to wood contact prevents wear and tear on your wood.
DESIGN VERSATILITY: The 18 inch acme screws can be shifted within the Moxon body to allow only the thread needed for the work at hand. This keeps the protruding screws out of your way while you work.
HARDWARE: Cast iron, chrome hand wheels with chrome speed handles make jaw adjustments easy and fast.
ATTACHABILITY: Two 4″ x 2.5″ clamp down surfaces, one on each end, allow you to attach vise body easily to any work table.
STABILITY: The broad truss body (3 layers of wood) give you a super stable and rigid connection.

askwoodman portable moxon vises