The Ultimate Sharpening Jig Is A Revolutionary Tool For Any Woodworking Shop

Get The Ultimate Sharpening Jig for $149 plus shipping.

This is the last sharpening jig you will ever need. ~ Allan Little

•  SHARPEN ALL SIZES & SHAPES OF CHISEL & PLANE IRONS:This jig will handle all the problems other sharpening jigs can’t. You’ll be able to sharpen extra short blades, odd shaped blades, extra thick blades and even extra long blades.

•  WORKS WITH ANY STONES: With this jig you can use what you already own no matter what thickness, shape or size of your sharpening stones. It even works with extra small stones.

•  SANDPAPER WORKS GREAT!: Don’t have any sharpening stones? You can use sandpaper until you decide what you are going to get.


The Ultimate Sharpening Experience.

• EASE OF USE: The set up time is a fraction of what you’re used to with other jigs and gadgets.

• SHARPNESS OFF THE CHARTS: The pure, clean facet this jig produces will give you the sharpest edged tools you have ever owned.

• FIXING DAMAGED TOOLS: With our sharpening jig fixing damaged tool edges or misshaped bevels has never been easier to correct.

• 100% MANUAL: From shop to job site this new jig requires just a little human power, but no electricity.

• AFFORDABLE: If you’ve shopped around or bought other sharpening gizmos, you know that you can spend alot more than $129 and not have any where near the capabilities of The Ultimate Sharpening Jig from VerySuperCool Tools.

• NOTHING TO BREAK: This jig is CNC fabricated and is 90% steel with virtually nothing to break.