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Our T-Square Table Saw Fence System Will Change How You Work!

  • machined aluminum extrusions by VerySuperCool Tools

  • the-ultimate-work-table-plans

We sell machined, precision, t-slotted 40x80mm aluminum extrusions!


VerySuperCool Tools T-square table saw fence w/machined aluminum extrusion.

Find out more about the VerySuperCool Tools table saw fence system:

T-squares, extrusions, auxiliary fences and other accessories for your table saw fence upgrade or rebuild.

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We'll even help you build your own guide rails. You'll find all the information that you need here: DIY GUIDE RAILS


Introducing Machined Aluminum Extrusions.

Machined Aluminum Extrusions – a closer look

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The VerySuperCool Table Saw Fence Inspired By The Biesemeyer

Turbo Charge Your Existing Table Saw!

• Detachable T-Square Allows You To Bolt On Fences Quickly & Easily
• Use A Wide Variety Of Aluminum Extrusion Stock As Fences
• Attach Infinite Jigs, Stops and Accessories using Bolts and T-nuts
• Interchangeable Fences = Multiple Setups Ready To Go
• Use Any Straight Edged Material As A Custom Bolt On Fence
• Offers A Wide Range of Linear Fence Adjustments for Versatility

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Fits Standard Biesemeyer Guide Rails – Works Great on any 2x3 Tubing


The Adjustable T-Square Works With A Variety Of Tubing – SAE or Metric!


For Sliding Table Saws – Adjusts To Fit Various Sized Metric or SAE Guide Rails

Sharp Tools Made Simple

The Ultimate Sharpening Jig

• 100% Manual – Nothing To Break – Solid Steel Construction
• Very Easy To Use – No Learning Curve
• Continuous Angle Adjustment for Precision Micro Bevels
• Sharpen Chisel and Plane Irons: From Very Small to Very Large
• Quickly Dress Damaged Edges with Ease
• Use With Your Existing Stones – Accommodates All Sizes

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The Plug Popper

If You Use Hole Saws, You Will Love The Plug Popper!

• Works with any brand hole saw (with slots)
• Removes plugs (metal, wood or plastic) in seconds
• Works with Any Size Hole Saw
• One End Used For Levering
• The Opposite End Is A Drift
• An Invaluable Drill Press Accessory For Manipulating Hot Parts

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