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“Plane Irons And Chisels Sharper Than They Have Ever Been”

“I’ll keep this short and sweet: I’ve used all sorts of jigs and sharpening techniques through the years. The VSC Tools Sharpening Jig combined with the DMT stones that Allan demonstrates in his videos gets my plane irons and chisels sharper than they’ve ever been and does so in record time. It’s no exaggeration to say that one could shave with the edge produced by the jig, and that it can be produced so quickly is astonishing. It also bears mentioning that my hands rest very comfortably using the jig, so there was zero fatigue even after initially blowing through over a dozen sharpening procedures as soon as the jig arrived.

Unfortunately for the Very Super Cool Tools folks, the jig is so stout and well built that I can’t ever imagine having to replace it. No ‘planned obsolescence’ with this tool – it’s made to last a lifetime.” – Lee R.

[quote style=”boxed”]No ‘planned obsolescence’ with this tool – it’s made to last a lifetime. ~ Lee Roberts[/quote]

VERYSUPRECOOL TOOLS ULTIMATE SHARPENING JIG REVIEW by Lee Roberts (submitted through store website)
the ultimate sharpening jig
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