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“In Just 10 Minutes … The Best Edge I’ve Ever Managed”

What can i say? This thing is the Duck’s Nuts (Australian slang for “pretty damn good”

I have only had it in my hands for 10min and i’ve already put the best edge i’ve ever managed on my fave 8mm Marples chisel. I’m a novice at sharpeneing and, to be honest, in the past a little nervous to try (in case i wreck the factory edge)

Using the best quality honing device in the past….i have “rounded over” the square end of the chisel. The reason……

1…..the guide wheel is often smaller than the tool to be sharpened, providing a very thin base of support = instabilty

2… the strokes on the stone are small as the honing device is on the stone

3…..the tool is held by the same mechanism for fine adjustment…DOH!

The result is hit and miss at best……small wobbly strokes = spoonlike facet. I spent about 35mins on the same 8mm chisel with my old honing device before the tool slipped in the mount……nearly severed my finger, losing the setting = have to start from scratch (the chisel has been so rounded over that i thought needs to be grinded back professionally).

In steps the ultimate sharpening jig……arrived today, well packed.

Had the chisel in it within 30mins (had to make kids packed lunches first). On to my SiC cheapo stone course side….bish, bash, bosh….I’ve totally squared it in under 10 mins……How so?

You can watch the vids so i wont repeat the obvious, but in use, because the platform is so stable you are able to apply full purchase to the system. Yes, that’s right, I absolutely beasted the chisel and stone (how else was i gonna get it done before school drop off)…I can see that the SiC probably wont last the pace long term but it’s a consumable, right? I’m now off to look at diamond stones.

This is a great product supported by good people (i’ve chatted to Allan over skype)…… honest, and down to earth as the edge on my “new” 8mm.” – Gary Osborne

“This thing is the Duck’s Nuts (Australian slang for ‘pretty ty damn good’ “~ Gary Osborne

VERYSUPERCOOL TOOLS ULTIMATE SHARPENING JIG REVIEW by Gary Osborne. (submitted through store website
the ultimate sharpening jig

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