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Can Your Jig Hold 30 Degree Angle Skew Knives?

Q: Can I sharpen skew knives with a 30° angle?

30 degree blade
30 Grade Skew Knife

Hi Allan! I was a bit mistaken, it’s not 50, but about a 30 grade angle. This is the optimal angle of our skew knives. Take a look on this photo attached to see it. Please let me know if your jig is able to handle that.

~ Vadim, Latvia

This is part two of Vadim’s original question. See part one here.

A: No problem, attach a simple step clamp.

I am SO glad you asked this question. Thanks to your inquiry, I came up with an accurate way to hold 30° angle blades or knives in our jig. It’s a simple solutions and I think you’ll like it.
To make this jig accessory  you’ll need these few items as well as a drill press and a drill bit.

  • a small piece of wood
  • 2 pieces of steel
  • a nut, bolt, and a washer

I drilled a hole in the two pieces of steel to align them and act as a clamping element.  I countersunk the bolt head on the bottom piece. Add a small piece of wood as a step clamp. Then put your knife holding set up under the u-channel of The Ultimate Sharpening Jig and you are ready to go. Clamp your blade, knife or chisel in place and start sharpening!

I made a video to show what I mean. Let me know if you have any more questions.

~ Allan Little, AskWoodMan

In the demo video below I show how to position a piece of wood (a mock up for a skew knife) in The Ultimate Sharpening Jig.


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