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Awesome Sliding Table Saw and Router Table Work Station

A good customer and friend of mine, Tony, has completed his sliding table saw/work station. I’m a little jealous (who wouldn't be?), but mostly I’m excited for him and all the possibilities this set up will allow him to do. There will be a detailed video series covering many aspects of this build, but for now I want to share a few photos.

Tony started with the G0623 X 10" sliding table saw from Grizzly.

He said the fence was a bit of a nightmare to set up and cut accurately. That’s how we met. He called to talk with us about the Euro-Adjustable T-square fence system. I consulted with him about his build and we discussed all his options, including making his own heavy duty guide rails following our free DIY Guide Rail plans.
 Sliding Table Saw and Router table with two VerySuperCool Tools fence systems.
sliding tablesaw router table
Overhead view of Grizzly Sliding Tablesaw with Multi-Function Router Table.
Many people use our fence system for both their table saws and their router tables. But Tony decided he wanted the efficiency of having a dedicated router table fence. Tony has two VerySuperCool Tools fences; the Euro-Adjustable fence system for his sliding table saw, and the Standard T-square for his router table fence. I think one of the coolest things about this set up is the venturi style dust collection / down draft system connected below his router table. The router table has a multi-function table top as well, so whether you are using the router or not, the the dust collection works great! If you saw my Table Saw Work Station series, you saw the me design and install in my own shop.
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