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“I Recommended This Fence System To My Dad, Then I Got Jealous And Bought One For Myself”

steve table saw“I recommended this fence system to my Dad, then I got jealous and bought one for myself. Neither of us are what you’d call seasoned metalworkers, and both of us had to build our own rail assembly. My Dad had some help from a fellow who really knows his way around a metal shop, and then my Dad and I teamed up on my saw install.

My saw is a DeWalt DW746X, and my Dad’s is some kind of Grizzly. There’s really no magic knowhow to installing a fence system. You measure, you drill, you tap, then you bolt it on. In spite of this being literally the first time I’d used a grinder in anger, my final product looks great, works well, and is solid. Allan’s not talking smack when he says you can attach it to any saw.

Watch the videos, get some taps, some cutting fluid and you’re good to go. If you’re nervous about it, buy some extra metal and work the kinks out of your technique first.

The only thing I’ve found that I think could be made better is the UHMW Plastic used to make the fence slider. The edges should be rounded over so it doesn’t catch on miter slots, T-Tracks, and all that. Of course it’s easy enough to do myself, but it detracted from my experience a little bit when I first dropped it onto the saw.

If you want to see more pictures and so forth from my build, you can go to my blog post, More Love For The Table Saw at

“Allan’s not talking smack when he says you can attach it to any saw.” ~ Steve

VERYSUPERCOOL TOOLS TABLE SAW FENCE SYSTEM REVIEW by Steve (submitted through our website)

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