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“Install: Straightforward And Simple…”

I just got the fence installed and have been using it for only two days, but let me tell you of my experience. Install: Straightforward and simple, I installed on a Jet left tilt 3HP saw with 52″ table, no issues with install Use: For whatever reason I had issues with my stock Jet fence, I continually burned the piece of wood between the fence and blade. I found this problem with Birch, Maple, and Cherry. I was running a Forrest blade (new) with a Forrest 5″ vibration reduction disc. I calibrated the table (miter slots) to the blade and the fence to the miter slots and checked the fence time after time to ensure it was dead on accurate (square to blade and table).

Now I cannot explain why or how, or what the science or reasoning is behind it but now that I have installed and calibrated this fence…no more burn. Same blade, same wood, different fence. Go figure, but I am friggin happy about that. This seemingly simple addition to my table saw has made it much nicer and more accurate to use.  I have only had it two days and have not had the opportunity to scratch the surface of the available options I can add with the T-Slots. Kudos to you fellas who created this beast… I’m diggin’ it.”

“Kudos to you fellas who created this beast… I’m diggin’ it.” ~ Gary

VERYSUPERCOOL TOOLS TABLE SAW FENCE SYSTEM REVIEW by Gary (submitted through our website)

VerySuperCool T-Square with 42 inch Aluminum Extrusion Fence

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  1. I’d like to replace my fence and use my Beismeyer rails; Can I, and the approx cost. Thanks, Art.

    Cell 805 890 8335.

    1. Our standard t-square is $199. Our 42 inch machined extrusions are $80. Add some extra t-nuts and bolts and some shipping and you’re looking at approximately $325, depending on where you live and how many t-nuts and bolts you purchase. Thanks for stopping by our website Art!

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